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Ford Provides Transit Vans for Nonprofit Disaster Relief

Ford is offering nonprofit organizations a chance to design and win a special Ford Transit van. In an effort to support nonprofit disaster relief efforts, the Ford company recently named four nonprofits winners, providing Ford Transit vans that have been specially designed to meet the particular needs of each nonprofit group.

According to Ford, the winners were Empact Northwest, Mercy Chefs, Second Harvest Food Bank, and the Salvation Army Team Emergency Radio Network. Empact Northwest provides direct rescue and medical services, as well as special training for first responders. Mercy Chefs and Second Harvest Food Bank provide food delivery and distribution, while the Salvation Army Team also provides disaster response operations.

“This challenge combines Ford’s strength as a mobility company with the courage and know-how of experienced disaster response professionals, whose modifications will enhance their ability to get critical supplies to where they’re needed most,” said Jim Vella, president of the Ford Motor Company Fund. “Natural disasters show nature at its worst, but thankfully, they bring out the best in our first responders, medical personnel, and even our neighbors who pitch in to help when danger is all around them.”

The specially designed Ford Transit vans come with unique features like communications equipment, emergency lighting, rescue gear, enlarged capacities, and special radios for better communication. Ford will also continue working with these groups over the next few months to ensure they get everything that they need.

Here at Shults Ford, we are proud to be a part of the larger Ford family.

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