Thankful is an Understatement

Our team at Shults Ford is thankful for our community.

Thanksgiving is a great time to tell what we are thankful for, but what are you thankful for?

Our Shults Ford team has a lot to be thankful for: family, friends, food, but most of all, our community! Our community is not just our dealerships, it’s the Pittsburgh community too. With that being said, we wanted to share what we are thankful for. Why? Well, there’s a couple of reasons. 

We want to showcase how appreciative we are of our team and community. Without them, we would not be here. Every person who is behind our business or has been through the doors of any of our dealerships has helped bring us to where we are today. To start, let’s talk about our team.

Our team is a unique one, to say the least… but in the best way possible. We are a family and so are the people who walk through our doors. We know it sounds cliche, but it is completely true. We will do everything we can to help the people who we work with every day. It is a group effort here. The car sales industry can be very cut-throat, but we do not view it that way. We of course help customers but also each other. This isn’t something you find in every workplace, let alone a dealership. If you ask us, we think it is because it is a family run business. This trickles down into the way we work as a whole. 

You’re thankful for the community? Prove it!

We try our best to stay active in the community year-round, but moods tend to spike once “giving season” hits.

“When the TurkeyThon starts, there’s a different mood in the air. Everyone gets excited and loves getting involved with it. We all just simply feel good about it!”  – Mark Tomeo, business manager at Shults Ford Wexford

Our team is a bit more excited and we all feel so good about what is to come. This starts with our Backpack Drive at the beginning of the school year where we collect and donate backpacks to kids who need them. Next is our TurkeyThon, which is right around the corner for us. This is where we donate turkeys to people who need them for our favorite holiday, Thanksgiving. Although the food industry isn’t necessarily our niche, it’s great to connect with Pittsburgh families in a way we all may not expect.

Each year we team up with Star 100.7 by setting up a phone bank during the Bubba Show from 6 a.m. to 10 a.m. where anyone in the Pittsburgh community can call in to request a turkey for Thanksgiving dinner. It’s as simple as that. You call and you shall receive. Our employees look forward to volunteering at the phone bank and helping to achieve our goal: On Thanksgiving Day, everyone should have a turkey on their table. 

This is a fun time of year not just for showing how grateful we are for our team and community, but also for getting involved. Although this year, like many things, our TurkeyThon will look a little different. Due to limited supply we are only able to give one turkey to each caller this year, with that being said, this won’t stop us from trying to get turkeys on your table. Everything else will still be the same for you. All you have to do is keep an eye out for the number to call on Monday, November 23, and just call it. Tune in to Star 100.7 to follow along that morning from 6 to 10 a.m. 

Things have become a bit more challenging, we still want to be sure we are giving back to those around us. We are doing our best to adjust to make sure TurkeyThon is the best it can be. We are sad that our phone bank will not be in the Star 100.7 studio this year, but as long as we still have one we are happy. It will now be in a conference room so our volunteers can be socially distanced while accepting calls. Events like this are so much fun for us because not only does it give us something extra to look forward to, but it is another outlet to help the people who have allowed us to succeed. Even during a year like this one. 

Are there any ways the community can join Shults Ford in giving back?

Any involvement you’re comfortable with helps us! The most important way is to reach out on family, friends, and neighbors. Find those people surrounding you and make sure that they have the opportunity to still enjoy the holidays this year. Check-in on those in your community and if they might need a turkey to help their celebration, call-in their story to Shults Ford on the day of the TurkeyThon. This is one way you can help us make those connections. We are here to help in any way we can and if we can provide a turkey to anyone that may need it, then we would love nothing more. 

What are some ways you’re thankful for Shults Ford?

We are thankful for our community throughout Pittsburgh as well as internally. We took the time to ask all of our employees what they were thankful for and the responses we got were nothing short of amazing. There was a sense of pride in each answer, which made it even better to hear. Knowing our employees love their jobs, who they’re surrounded by and the people who walk in our front doors make us feel like we are doing something right!

Making anyone happy is a great feeling, but it’s always a bit sweeter when it’s people we care about. When we are able to put a smile on the faces of both our customers as well as our team, it makes us feel accomplished. 

There’s also so much Shults Ford has allowed us to do during this pandemic which we are grateful for. For example, our dealerships opened as soon as restrictions were lifted so we were able to employ our amazing team once again and provide services to our community. We wanted to provide a constant to our team when there was so much uncertainty surrounding us. Shults Ford has made the adjustments to keep everyone safe who walks through the door. Each of our team members are provided masks and get their temperature checked as they clock in for the day. We want to be sure we are able to keep our team healthy, but also protect anyone else who comes through our doors. We want to be here for any of our customer’s car needs, so being open is something we strived to do. 

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