washing your car

Tips for Washing Your Car This Summer

To keep your car looking like new and maintain its showroom quality during the summertime, take the time to thoroughly clean the exterior. While you may already think you know everything there is to know about washing your car, it’s important to follow these tips in order to ensure you get the best results and avoid damaging the paint.

Buy the right products

Rather than using dishwashing detergent or hand soap to wash your car, purchase a product specifically meant for cars, and apply it with a natural sponge. Once you reach the wheels and tires, grab a different sponge and utilize a wheel cleaner.

Take it section by section

When washing your car, the first thing you should do is rinse the entire exterior. Then, wash and rinse your car in sections, beginning with the roof and moving your way down. After finishing each section, be sure to rinse the sponge in one bucket and then soak it with the car-wash solution in another bucket.

Dry the car

Letting your car dry in the sunshine may leave watermarks. As such, it’s worth taking the time to dry it with soft terry towels or a chamois. Either way, make sure you blot up the water rather than pulling the towel or chamois across the surface.

When cleaning your car, give it a quick inspection as well. If you notice that your car is in need of maintenance or repairs, make a service appointment at Shults Ford in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to keep it driving like new.

washing your car

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