Ken Block Introduces the New Hoonifox Concept

Ken Block recently revealed his vision for a new Hoonifox concept based on a classic Ford Mustang. This Fox Body Mustang concept combines the iconic design of ’80s motorsport with modern style cues to create a head-turning look.


Ken Block, Ash Thorp and Hoonigan Industries CCO Brian Scotto showcased the Hoonifox on the Ken Block YouTube channel, giving car enthusiasts a glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes at Hoonigan Racing Division. Through the YouTube video, you can learn more about the creative process of developing a new Gymkhana racecar.


Ken Block and Ash Thorp developed the Hoonifox design, attempting to make a more version of an ‘80s Fox Body Mustang. They kept the window louvers and taillights of the classic Mustang GT while also adding bold over fenders, as shown in the incredibly life-like renderings of the Hoonifox.


Although the Hoonifox is currently still in the concept phase, Ken Block has intentions of building the car. He may equip it with an AWD system and a powerful engine, like the Ford EcoBoost® V6. The car may also potentially have the same drivetrain as the Ford Performance all-electric Mustang Mach-E.


Hopefully, Ken Block manages to turn his Hoonifox concept into reality in the near future. While you won’t see a Hoonifox at Shults Ford, we’ve got plenty of powerful Mustangs to choose from if excitement is your goal. Check out or selection online then book your test drive when you’re ready to unleash your wild side.

new Hoonifox concept

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