Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Car

Spring cleaning doesn’t have to just be limited to your house. Take advantage of the soon-to-come warm weather by cleaning your car inside and out as well. Here are a few tips for cleaning your daily driver this spring:

  • Start with the inside. Cleaning the inside of your car can feel so good afterward. Start by collecting all the trash that might have built up throughout the cabin, separating into recycling and actual garbage. Then vacuum cloth seats or use leather cleaner on leather seats. Use glass cleaner to clean all your windows and windshield, and use a toothbrush to dust the air vents.
  • Wash the outside. Now that the inside is clean, give your car a good old-fashioned carwash. Get a good tire-cleaning spray, don’t forget to hose off the underbody, and always use a microfiber towel for cleaning. If it’s easier, just take your car to the local carwash for a hands-off experience.
  • Don’t forget the wax. Buffing and waxing your vehicle is crucial to maintaining the high quality of the exterior paint, but it does require some effort and supplies. If this is beyond your level of car knowledge, get it professional washed and waxed at a place of business.

If you need professional cleaning for your ride, visit Shults Ford and our experts will make sure you’re feeling shiny and new when you leave our lot.

Spring cleaning tips for your car

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